What's the Belgian PrideFestival?

The Belgian PrideFestival is a series of independent LGBT+ events, which takes place throughout the month of May. This year, it will begin with the Belgian MiniPride on May 4th and will finish on a high note with the Belgian Pride on May 20th.

During this period, many activities will be organised by LGBT+ associations throughout Belgium. For example, on May 7th 2017, you could visit the Out! Village at the Iris Festival. With its diverse stands and its podium animated by various concerts and performances, you won’t have time to get bored!

To know more about these LGBT+ activities, check out our agenda.


The Belgian MiniPride

As usual, the PrideFestival will be inaugurated by the Belgian MiniPride on May 4th 2017. It’s the folkloric version of the big Pride. Everyone is welcome!

The Belgian MiniPride starts with a reception at the Town Hall. Then a procession (composed mainly of activists) will march through the streets of Brussels, accompanied by the Meyboom Fanfare. The Parade will stop at the Mannken-Pis, who offers a delicious Kriek to the guests. The Belgian MiniPride will then end at the Rainbowhouse Brussels


The Belgian Pride

The Belgian Pride is the big day of the PrideFestival. It will take place on May 20th 2017 at the Mont des Arts.

Each year, it attracts between 60,000 and 100,000 visitors from all around Belgium and beyond. It consists of a Village, filled with various stands in the colours of the rainbow, and a Parade where visitors follow colourful floats, carried away by the music into the heart of the city.

For this 22nd edition, with our slogan ‘Crossing Borders’, we will focus on the needs of LGBT+ refugees. Indeed, this year’s theme will be ‘Asylum and Migration’. Take a look at our claims to learn more about the theme.

PrideFestival 2017


One in three states in the world criminalize homosexuality and a large majority of countries disregard the rights of transgenders and intersexuals. Belgium seems to be a land of asylum for the LGBT+ that need to escape. But is our country as safe and welcoming as we think?

As an act of solidarity to all the people going through adversity, two weeks of events are waiting for you ! Movies, expositions, performances, conferences, workshops and of course parties.

Come as you are, celebrate freedom with us, in all the colours of the rainbow !